FAQ About Using FirstKey Maintenance System (FMS)

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IF YOU HAVE A NEW MAINTENANCE REQUEST, please submit it online through FirstKey Maintenance System (FMS) at https://fms.firstkeyhomes.com/.
For maintenance emergencies, please call 844.395.3959 right away.

How do I start using FirstKey Maintenance System (FMS)?

In order to use FMS, first you need to create an FMS account. Registration is easy; first, visit fms.firstkeyhomes.com. On the Sign In page, click on the “Click here to register” link.


Next, enter your email address and create a password. Note: Use the email address associated with your FirstKey Homes account so that your FMS account can be connected to your home address and details.


You’ll then receive a verification email; follow the link in that message and you’ll be able to sign in to your FMS account.

How do I sign in to FirstKey Maintenance System (FMS)?

On the Sign In page, simply enter your email address and password.


How do I submit a maintenance request?

After signing in to FMS, click the “Submit New Request” button.


The next several screens will walk you through identifying and diagnosing your maintenance concern. In some instances, you’ll be provided with troubleshooting tips along the way that may fix the problem.


If it’s determined that your concern requires a visit from a FirstKey Homes technician, click the “Schedule Service Request” button and you’ll be taken to the scheduling page, where you can pick a date and time for a maintenance appointment that works best for you. (In certain instances, you may not be able to schedule a maintenance appointment through FMS at this time; if this is the case, you should see a pop-up window giving you further details and next steps.)



If you schedule a maintenance appointment, a confirmation window will give you a summary of the details.


If your request is submitted but a maintenance appointment can’t be scheduled at that time (for example, if an outside vendor/technician is required), a confirmation window will give you a summary of your request and further details about next steps.


How do I report multiple concerns at once?

If you have more than one maintenance request at a time, you’ll report each one separately. After you complete one maintenance request as described in the steps for “How do I submit a maintenance request?” above, click the “Add Another Request” button and follow the same steps as before.


Why can I schedule a maintenance appointment for some concerns but not for others?

There are a few instances where the feature of scheduling an appointment through FMS is not available to you. If this is the case for you, the confirmation window will provide details (including a summary and a confirmation number) and next steps.


How do I know that a maintenance appointment has been scheduled?

If a maintenance appointment is set and scheduled, the confirmation window will give you a summary of the details, along with a confirmation number.


How can I view all my maintenance requests?

After logging in to your FMS account, the Property Information home page will show a summary and the status of all maintenance requests you’ve submitted through FMS. This includes “open” (or active) maintenance requests as well as “closed” (or resolved) maintenance requests you’ve submitted through FMS.


Both “open” and “closed” service requests listed have an expandable summary with additional details; click the up/down arrow icons to expand or collapse the details.



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