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What’s changing and why?

FirstKey Homes will be using a new platform called FacilGo to improve our maintenance operations, including the way we work with vendors. Generally, vendors who perform maintenance services on behalf of FirstKey Homes will use FacilGo (rather than VendorCafe as in the past) for such things as receiving/accepting new work orders and invoicing.

For vendors who provide services for turns or renovations, those projects will still be handled through VendorCafe as they are today.

What is FacilGo?

FacilGo is a browser-based software platform designed to manage maintenance and related operations in the real estate industry. Using FacilGo will allow FirstKey Homes to work more efficiently with our maintenance vendors, streamlining communications and making the end-to-end process of working with us easier and more convenient.

Specifically, processes like work authorizations, quote requests, quote submissions, and invoicing will be easier and more efficient.

What are the benefits of using FacilGo as a vendor?

Efficiency and convenience will be the main benefits; overall, we expect that using FacilGo will improve our maintenance operations, including vendor relations. For example, with FacilGo, maintenance work orders will be reviewed, approved, and closed more quickly – which ultimately means you’ll get paid quicker. Communications between you and FirstKey Homes will be streamlined; specifically, with FacilGo all communications about/updates to work orders will be in a single place. (No more tracking down phone calls, texts, or emails … it will all be in FacilGo.)

We’ll continue measuring resident feedback about the quality of maintenance work, and with this information and other data we’ll be able to potentially provide you more assignments.

Also, you may be able to expand your customer base going forward by being a part of FacilGo’s vendor network.

What do I need to do to use FacilGo?

In order to use FacilGo in working with FirstKey Homes as a maintenance services provider, you’ll need to set up a FacilGo account at https://prod.facilgo.com/facilgo_plans/supplier. The registration process is straightforward and shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. Please see “Step-by-step guide to signing up for FacilGo and onboarding to work with FirstKey Homes” later in this FAQ for detailed instructions.

Also, the FirstKey Homes Vendor Management Team will be hosting webinars to explain how to complete this onboarding in FacilGo.

(For new vendors, FacilGo onboarding occurs after you have been fully onboarded in Yardi VendorCafe, including providing compliance documents.)

How do I use FacilGo?

The FirstKey Homes Vendor Management Team will be hosting webinars to explain the basics of using FacilGo. In addition, we’ll offer more in-depth webinars detailing advanced information about using FacilGo.

Do I need a FacilGo account to work with FirstKey Homes as a maintenance vendor?

Yes. Going forward, all maintenance vendors for FirstKey Homes will be required to use the FacilGo platform.

Will there be changes in invoicing and payment?

Invoicing will be handled through FacilGo, but you should see no change in how you’re paid. We do expect that the invoicing and payment processes will be more efficient, resulting in faster payments to you.

I’m a vendor who does turns and/or renovations for FirstKey Homes. How does this affect me?

We will be using FacilGo only for maintenance vendors. For vendors who do turns and/or renovations for FirstKey Homes, those contracts will still be handled through VendorCafe as they are currently. (If you do maintenance work AND turns/renovations for us, your maintenance projects will go through FacilGo, and your turns/renovations work through VendorCafe.)

What if I need help using FacilGo?

The FirstKey Homes Vendor Management Team will be available at vendormanagement@firstkeyhomes.com to help with basic operational functions and questions about using the new system. For technical support or help with error codes, please contact FacilGo: Support@facilgo.com or 801-610-6103.

If you have further questions, please contact us at vendormanagement@firstkeyhomes.com.

Step-by-step guide to signing up for FacilGo and onboarding to work with FirstKey Homes:



Use this link to begin the registration process.


Click “Sign up for Basic.”



Enter your email, desired password, and company name.

(The “What PMC(s) are you registering for?” field will auto-populate when you enter the coupon code mentioned next.)

Use the coupon code FKHFREE2021. (Using this code links your business to FirstKey Homes, removes the requirement of entering your credit card information, and auto-upgrades your FacilGo account to the appropriate plan.)

Check the boxes to accept the agreements and agree to the Terms of Service, then click “Sign up.”



You’ll receive a confirmation email from FacilGo. Select “Confirm my account” to continue. You’ll be directed to FacilGo, where you can finish registration by completing your company profile.


NOTE: When logging in, enter your email address as all lowercase; the system is case-sensitive and recognizes lowercase letters only.

Under “Basic Profile,” enter your corporate contact information.

Be sure to choose your time zone.

Click “Save.” 



Under “Company Settings,” check the box next to “Allow Client to dispute an invoice submitted by Supplier.”

Make sure that the last dropdown menu (“Allow Client to create an order from a Supplier’s quote” is set to Yes.




Once FirstKey Homes has assigned you to the appropriate market(s), we’ll let you know via email. After you receive this email, please log in to FacilGo, on the left-hand menu, click “Setup” to expand the setup menu options, then click “Customers.”


Once FirstKey Homes assigns you to a market, it will appear as a line item on the “Customers” page.

Enter an Account Number for the market. You can set this value to anything you like, such as a unique identifier from your accounting system.

From the “Status” dropdown menu next to the Account Number, select “Enabled.” This will pop up a list of zip codes associated with the service areas within each market.



A list of zip codes contained in each area is auto-populated.

If there are any zip codes that you know you do not service, you may remove them from this list by clicking the ‘x’ next to those zip codes.

When all applicable zip codes are showing, click “Save.”


Congratulations! You’re now registered with FacilGo and onboarded to work with FirstKey Homes as a maintenance vendor. If you have any general questions about using FacilGo, please contact the Vendor Management Team at vendormanagement@firstkeyhomes.com. For technical support or help with error codes, please contact FacilGo: Support@facilgo.com or 801-610-6103.

We look forward to working with you!

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